Something for everyone at 2016 London Artists’ Studio Tour

TheBeat-LAST-header[2]Robins. Daffodils. Sunshine. And the London Artists’ Studio Tour. A London tradition for over 20 years, the Tour is here again. The work of 33 local artists will be on view and the public is invited to view their studio spaces where these works were created. Browse, ask questions and explore the ideas behind each artist’s work. It is a unique event which is ‘as much about the process of creating art as it is about the art works themselves,’ according to the brochure.

FullSizeRender(4)Ranging from pottery to jewellery to textiles to woodworking, the tour offers more than the Fine Arts of painting, sculpture, and photography but it has those in spades. Genres from the abstract to realism can be found. Landscapes, birds, flowers, architecture…it is all here. Due to a flood in his home, Jamie Jardine has been forced to renovate his studio putting it off limits this year but the question of how to paint in the chaos has led him to expand from his landscapes to robots and landscapes that blend into robots. “The inconsistency in my new work is my consistency. I feel free to do what I want to do,” Jardine states.

Richard Sturgeon’s sculpture can be found in miniatures and large scale pieces. He has various new works including those whose theme is vessels- based on his kayaking and group camping experiences. His space is in the building on Lorne Avenue which is now called The Factory and is dedicating itself to artistic endeavours. Painter Tracy Root will be his guest artist this year featuring her landscape works which are line driven and Group of Seven influenced.

Clown, Vioctoria Park London 2013After having five works in the Andy Warhol show at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, Ian MacEachern will have lots of new photographs on display. He has chosen to use a bit more colour in this show than his usual black and white images. Scenes of New Orleans and musicians will mix with older works. The world famous Maritime Molasses Cookies will still be featured this year as a treat for guests…they are a work of art. Photographer Linda Munn will be his guest artist giving a different perspective then Ian’s of the quirky things that appear in life .

A new artist for this year is Mark Stanley. He states that the reason for his art is to minimize the effects of a mental illness. He tries to perfect the interpretation of the human face in his portraits while responding to the images of the Masters such as Picasso. He was told that if you follow the master’s line you will clarify what art is for yourself. Having done 300 images over the year he has plenty of framed and unframed paintings ready for the tour.

There are too many artists to mention them all. The lovely wooden bowls of Doug Magrath, Susan Skaith’s jewellery, David Moynihan’s pottery…the list goes on. Grab a map; plot your route and choose Friday April 15th from 7 to 9:30 p.m., Saturday the 16th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. or Sunday the 17th from noon to 5 p.m. to enjoy the creative process. You might need all three days to cover the artists involved. Time well spent.

Cheryl Jennings is a local artist, freelance writer and retired high school teacher.

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