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Kevin White

Kevin White was born on the east coast of Canada, in the province of New Brunswick. No matter what else he was doing as a career—medicine, university teaching, or professional medical writing—Kevin has written songs. Self-taught, he wrote his first song when he was twelve years old and has been writing about 20 new songs every year since then.

His over 400 copyrighted songs span different genres: from folk to folk-rock to folk-country to folk-jazz to what he likes to call 'thoughtful pop'  (i.e., pop music that has a message). If you look for an east coast influence, you will most definitely find it.

At the bottom of Kevin’s composition is story telling. He loves telling stories about people he’s met and places he’s been and the history behind his beautiful country, Canada. In addition to writing novels and children’s books, all his songs tell stories.

His music has often been compared to that of Gordon Lightfoot, James Gordon and the late great Harry Chapin, who was Kevin’s big inspiration as a social activist who wrote songs.

KSS will join with Kevin on his toe-tapping song about the great Jackie Washington, “Pullman Porter”.

Karen Schuessler Singers presents London Composers Exposed!, April 2, at Wesley-Knox United Church.


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