London Community Players presents I Take Your Hand In Mine: A Love Story, May 12-21


The characters in the play are a man (Heinar Piller) and a woman (Caroline Dolny Guerin), telling the story of the relationship between Anton Chekhov and Olga Knipper. When reading the narrative, they are actor and actress. As they segue into the letters and spontaneous dialogue, they become the characters of Anton Chekhov and Olga Knipper.

A long distance love affair that spanned 5 years, 800 letters, 4 dramatic masterpieces of world theatre .

This is a love story and a very special one about two extraordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. He, a great playwright and humanitarian, who knew his life would be brief. She, a great actress and founding leading lady of one of the world's most famous theatre companies, impetuous and full of vitality and passion.
They knew each other only 6 short years - they were married for 3 of them - until his death in July 1904. They signed their early correspondence with "I take your hand in mine".
It is through the extreme circumstances that kept them apart almost all the time that their moving love story is told.For they wrote each other letters - roughly 400 each - passionate, open
and spontaneous, that were full of the rich detail of their everyday lives, as artists and ordinary people. Chekhov wrote his masterpieces during this period and the genesis of these plays is woven into his relationship with Olga as the two progressed from friend to lover to husband and wife.

This little gem of a play provides an eloquent and moving theatrical experience.

The London premiere of Carol Rocamora's two character play " I Take Your Hand in Mine" plays May 12 - 21 at Procunier Hall at The Palace Theatre.

This is a Canadian Actors' Equity Association production under the Artists' Collective Policy.

Featuring Caroline Dolny Guerin and Heinar Piller.

Directed by Heinar Piller.

Producer: Paul Eck
Stage Manager: Bill Meaden
Set/Visual Designer: David Long
Lighting Designer: Stephen Mitchell
Costume Designer: Olga Dimitrov
Props: Tia Guiler
Publicity/Social Media: Lisa Desgroseilliers

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