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• The Beat Magazine was founded in the summer of 2009 by a group of writers and artists who were unhappy with the sparse coverage the local Arts & Culture scene was receiving from local media, especially the London Free Press
• From its beginning the publication was artist-driven and focused on the local Arts & Culture scene, covering stories that others wouldn’t
• Reviews of local theatre and music events were featured on our website
• Donald D’Haene, the magazine’s Online Editor, organized and ran The Beat DISH Awards for local theatre for four years
• Accumulated debt and business naiveté led to The Beat Magazine’s demise in 2014.

Why Re-Launch The Beat Magazine in 2016?
• Repeated requests from our former readers and advertisers
• Continuing dismay over the coverage of local and regional Arts & Culture coverage in the traditional media
• Lessons learned from the first time around concerning the business end of publishing an independent magazine.

We Are Back - The Beat MagazineWhat’s The Same & Different This Time Around?
• Name – Now known as The Beat Magazine: Arts & Culture in Southwestern Ontario
• We are an online only resource, although discussions are being held about publishing one or two seasonal London & Southwestern Ontario Arts & Culture Guides in the Fall and Spring
• Commitment – We remain committed to providing timely high quality and informative Arts & Culture news and commentary, including Previews and Reviews of events
• Scope – Our scope remains Arts & Culture events, happenings and trends
• Coverage Area – While London will remain our main focus, our Arts & Culture coverage will extend to the rest of Southwestern Ontario including Essex, Elgin, Oxford, Perth and Huron Counties
• Visit our new interactive website at

s619342990351573358_p29_i6_w1180 Become A Supporting Member:
• We are inviting interested arts organizations, entertainment venues, retailers, and readers/individuals to join us as Supporting Members, as opposed to being pay-as-you-go individual advertisers
• For an established annual or seasonal Membership Fee, members will enjoy unlimited online advertising on our website in the form of rotating Banner and Sidebar ads and full editorial coverage of their events and inclusion in our Events Calendar
• Annual Membership Fees are $1000 per year and are payable upon demand
• Seasonal Supporting Membership Fees are $100 per month. Members whose activities are year-round are advised to take advantage of the $1000 annual discount, while members whose activities are seasonal can tap in for the duration of their seasons, e.g. six months = $600, 3 months = $300, 1 month = $100.
• Individual Supporting Members/Readers are encouraged to pledge a minimum of $50 and maximum of $100 per year.

For more information, contact Publisher Rick Young at or or call 519-432-6986 (H) or 226-973-6463 (C).

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